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Justin Meyer

DoneJS Release

posted in CanJS, DoneJS, Open Source, StealJS on October 28, 2015 by Justin MeyerToday, two years after JavaScriptMVC 3.3 was released, we are announcing DoneJS - the easiest way to get your amazing application done! Learn about DoneJS's best features, what we're doing to help the community learn the tech, and how we think we've struck the right balance between stability and change.

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Marshall Thompson

How to Debug Server Side Rendering

posted in DoneJS, Open Source on September 26, 2016 by Marshall ThompsonUsing Server Side Rendering is generally seamless. But you’ll eventually run into a situation where the code on the server doesn't execute the way you would expect. Let's learn why that is the case and discover a neat little DoneJS utility that makes it easy to debug these situations when they appear.

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Chasen Le Hara

Bitovi’s 2016 Employee Retreat: Phoenix

posted in About on July 15, 2016 by Chasen Le HaraEveryone at Bitovi works from home, so each year we all get together for a week-long company retreat in a new city. We’ve visited cities such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Austin, so this year we held our retreat in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona!

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Brian Moschel

Lessons from a Decade of JavaScript Consulting: Bitovi’s 10 Core Principles

posted in About, Client Work, Design, Development on March 1, 2016 by Brian MoschelBitovi’s core mission is simple: deliver amazing applications. Over the past 10 years of JavaScript consulting, we've learned a lot via the time honored process of trial and error. We've honed in on 10 core principles (one per year!) that keep us laser-focused on our mission. This article will explain who we are, what our 10 most important principles are, and how we arrived at them.

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